A good criminal defense lawyer firmly believes that everyone is entitled to be represented by counsel when charged with a crime. Whether it be DUI, Trafficking or Possession of Drugs or Theft crimes, every person is entitled to have a criminal defense lawyer.Chistopher Spedding, Criminal Defense Attorney, Lexington Kentucky

A criminal defense lawyer doesn’t get caught up with whether or not someone has committed the crime. Some people don’t understand how a lawyer can represent someone who they know “did it”. There is a reason for that. A criminal defense attorney has to stay objective. Not doing so clouds their judgment. Facts are what matter. For the defense and for the prosecution. The interpretation of what the facts are is the job for the jury. Facts help and hurt both the defense and the prosecution. It is how a criminal defense lawyer presents the facts that is important.

You would have to live under a rock not to see every day in the news that someone has spent years in prison for something they didn’t do. Under our Constitution, that is the single most egregious violation that can occur. There is a saying in criminal law that 100 guilty people should go free rather than one innocent man or woman be convicted. That is a simple truth.

I served in the Marine Corps as a military policeman. Every day of my life in the military I acted to preserve our rights under our Constitution. I am proud of that and always will be. The Constitution guarantees us certain “inalienable rights”. It is my job as a criminal defense lawyer to protect my clients’ rights. Plain and simple. And I do everything in my power to do just that for every single client who places their trust in me. That is my guarantee to you.

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