Federal Criminal Offenses

Federal Court is a unique area of criminal law and an attorney with experience in federal court is essential. Cases brought before a Federal Court may include charges by Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), DEA, FBI or the IRS and many others. All of these types of cases need special attention and handling.

When faced with a criminal offense charge in Federal Court, YOU need an attorney with experience and your attorney is the only one who has your best interests in mind. I am an attorney experienced with assisting clients facing Federal Court charges.

Federal Criminal Charges can include (but are not limited to):

  • tax evasion
  • counterfeiting
  • obscenity
  • drug trafficking and possession
  • possession of weapons banned by the National Firearms Act
  • mail fraud & damaging or destroying public mailboxes
  • wiretapping
  • aircraft hijacking
  • kidnapping
  • immigration offenses

If you are facing a serious charge, you need a defense attorney to make sure that you get a fair trial. A lawyer’s authority, credibility and excellent communication skills can ensure a positive outcome.