Auto Dealer Law

Chris Spedding practices auto dealer law and is a member of the Kentucky Automotive Dealers Association.Retail automotive dealerships face legal issues every day. I can help, because I have a unique knowledge of the various areas of auto dealer law. I have served as general counsel for a large automotive group in Louisville, Kentucky. As a result, I know the legal issues that arise in the practice of auto dealer law and that affect auto dealerships. I also know that auto dealers are in the business of selling and servicing vehicles. They do not want to deal with threats of litigation, administrative complaints, consumer protection issues and general legal compliance, just to name a few.

I am well versed and prepared to help in the following areas of the retail automotive industry:

  • Advertising Compliance
  • Arbitration
  • Purchase and Sale of Dealerships/Franchises
  • Consumer Protection Issues
  • Document / Compliance Review
  • EEOC
  • Employment Law
  • Fair Credit Reporting Matters
  • Licensing & Complaints
  • Manufacturer Relations
  • Motor Vehicle Commission Complaints
  • Regulation M- Leasing Liability Matters
  • Regulation Z-Lender Liability Matters

Member of the Kentucky Auto Dealers Association (KADA)

Chris also practices in several areas of criminal law.