An Experienced DUI (DWI) Defense Attorney

If  you’ve been charged with DUI / DWI, you need a highly rated DUI defense attorney who is well-versed in the complex set of statutes, case law and regulations that pertain to DUI charges. That attorney should respect your rights and make sure the courts do as well. You are legally entitled to fair treatment under the law. I understand that and will treat your case discreetly and professionally. I’ll also vigorously defend you and your best interests.

Driving under the influence is a serious charge that can have long-lasting implications for the client. DUI convictions often involve jail time. Employment, eligibility for employment, licensing for professionals and other areas can all be affected by a DUI conviction. Drivers with repeat offenses are in an even more tenuous situation than first offenders, and therefore may have an even greater need of a DUI defense attorney.

DUI convictions often result in mandatory license suspensions and orders to attend alcohol education classes. Some situations require mandatory jail time and other penalties. There are also other issues regarding DUI, including things like what you should do at a DUI checkpoint, the so-called 10-year look back rule and other considerations. A capable DUI defense attorney knows about these things and will advise you, providing the best DUI defense possible.

The bottom line? Your best defense is hiring a DUI defense attorney who will fight for you as if you were his or her own family member. I am that attorney.

Defending Criminal Charges of All Kinds

As a Kentucky criminal defense attorney, Chris Spedding handles cases – both felonies and misdemeanors – of all kinds. If you’ve been charged with any crime, give Chris a call or contact him via this website. He is always glad to consider your situation, answer your questions, offer advice, and even refer you to another attorney if that is in your best interest.