Drug Offenses, Drug Laws & Drug Arrests

Although most people never need a lawyer for drug offenses, breaking drug laws or drug arrests, many people do need a drug defense attorney. That’s because they’ve been accused – either Defense Attorney Christopher A. Spedding, Lexington Kentucky, defends those accused of drug law violationscorrectly or incorrectly – of a drug-related crime. Because  state and federal drug laws are becoming tougher and tougher, it is critical that you hire an experienced defense attorney if you’ve been charged with a crime. That’s true whether you are innocent or guilty. You need a Kentucky Drug Crime Defense Attorney Lawyer!

I am a Kentucky criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience defending people just like you. I serve most of Central Kentucky. If you’ve been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, I can help. And you should hire a Kentucky Drug Crime Defense Attorney Lawyer, whether it’s me or someone else.

In Kentucky, many of the drug laws are considered “enhanceable offenses.” That means they become more serious each time a person is charged with an offense. Many of these can go from a misdemeanor to a felony in no time. That’s why you need a drug defense attorney who is well-versed in the law – so they can advise you on how to best deal with the charge. Our criminal justice system offers a number of alternatives to jail for those who are found guilty. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know what those options are, and I can help you navigate through them as we work together to get the best result for you.

The Spedding Law Office is here to help you with any criminal offense you may have been charged with.