Because I am a Lexington criminal defense attorney, I often invite interns from the University of Kentucky to work in my office to experience what it is like to practice criminal law. It is one of my passions to expose those interested in criminal law to experience it first-hand. As noted in my biography, I am in my 24th year of practicing law. Below are the observations of one of my interns that you might find interesting. – Chris Spedding

A Day in the Life as an Intern for Lexington Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher A. Spedding

Haley Duncan

I am currently a junior at the University of Kentucky studying English and Spanish on the pre-law track. I have always wanted to pursue a career as an attorney, so I am beyond grateful to finally have the opportunity to intern for an attorney as accomplished and skillful as Mr. Spedding.

I have only been interning for Mr. Spedding for a few weeks, but my time with him has made me realize how important it is to retain a criminal defense attorney when you are charged with a crime.

A typical day of my internship primarily consists of meeting Mr. Spedding at his office to discuss his daily schedule which, by the way, usually involves appearances in state and federal courts. After that we start the journey.

Quite frankly, I have trouble keeping up with him. He practices in several of the surrounding counties and seems to know everyone. Prior to interning for Mr. Spedding, I had never been inside a courthouse, so that alone was very fascinating for me. Whenever we enter the courthouse and arrive near the courtrooms, it is generally rather crowded and chaotic, and would be very a very confusing setting for someone who was not familiar with it. Mr. Spedding and I always arrive early so he can talk to the client and prosecutor to discuss the case.

An uncompromising attorney

It is an experience to watch him work to arrive at a favorable resolution for his client. If he can’t, then the case is set for trial. It’s obvious that he never compromises his belief in his client’s case during negotiations with prosecutors. After talking to the prosecutor, Mr. Spedding has the case called and lets the Judge know what’s going on. Having the opportunity to sit in the courtroom during all this, I have witnessed many people facing charges that do not have any legal representation and nothing favorable happens to these people. Seeing this was an eye- opening experience. I now understand more than ever the true importance of having a good criminal defense attorney who cares about his client.

As I previously mentioned, I have only been interning for Mr. Spedding for a short time, but I have already learned more than I ever anticipated. I have learned not only the importance of having just “any” criminal defense attorney, but also the importance of having a GOOD criminal defense attorney. I am excited to see what other great things this internship will teach me.