Sexual Harassment is a Crime!

You’ve worked hard to obtain and retain employment. Often you’ve made tremendous sacrifices of time and money, relaxation and Chistopher Spedding, Criminal Defense & Sexual Harassment Attorney, Lexington Kentuckyrelationships. Your workplace is part of who you are. It’s the place you spend the greatest amount of your life outside of your own home. As a result you need and expect that place of employment to be not only as enjoyable as possible, but as safe and secure as your home. You need respect, confidence, dependability, reliability, accountability and protection.

However, your workplace does not always meet these expectations. Some work environments become perilous places where you are more vulnerable than you would have ever imagined. Often these vulnerabilities lead to unwanted (and always veiled and usually hidden) sexual advances, harassment or hostilities.

No human being – whether male, female, an adult, a child, an adolescent or LGBTQ – should be subjected to even the prospect of an unwanted sexual advance, harassment or a hostile work environment. Your work environment should be free of any type of violation of basic human dignity. If you’ve been sexually harassed or subjected to a hostile work environment, or if you’ve been the subject of unwelcome sexual advances or activities by another person, you may have a claim for money damages. The law offers you protections. It also offers consequences for your harasser, and in some cases for your employer, if they fail to act on your complaints.

Sexual Harassers Should be Held Accountable!

Before actor Bill Cosby and movie producer Harvey Weinstein were famously called to account for their inappropriate and illegal sexual harassment of females – which effectively started the #MeToo movement – the perception was that sexual harassment was relatively rare. Since then, however, dozens of people – mostly women – have called out their harassers. The claims for this unacceptable behavior have substantially increased. Victims have become emboldened to speak out as the specter of these inappropriate, damaging actions comes to light in an alarmingly increasing number. What was once hidden and taboo to talk about has become the necessary conversation to help bring an end to this pattern of illegal and harmful behavior.

The normal response to a suggestion that you “go public” is fear and embarrassment. However, you don’t have to face this fear and embarrassment alone! You need and deserve a supportive, knowledgeable, compassionate combatant on your side! As a former United States Marine, Chris Spedding knows how to fight, but he also knows the law. He understands your rights and expectations of your work environment. He will stand with you, and he’ll work tirelessly to protect you, your rights, your family and your job. If you’ve been subjected to any type of harassment in the workplace, call Chris Spedding. He’s a fighter.

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